A digital von Thuenen-Bibliography

A very first synoptic bibliography of the work of Johann Heinrich von Thuenen had been published in 1982 preparing the celebrations of von Thuenens bicentenary. Its editors Elfriede Rohde, Jürgen Seemann and Lutz Werner additionally implemented into the index a comprehensive collection of secondary literature regarding life and work of von Thuenen. In 1999, Ilona Buchsteiner and Gunther Viereck published an index of writings from and about von Thuenen, completing the bibliography of 1982 and its 1984 supplement.

On the occasion of von Thuenens 225. anniversary, this bibliography is now released in a digital version. It is our intention to make publications from and about von Thuenen accessible to a broad community, who is willingly to engage in the heritage of this great economist, agriculuralist and social reformer, as well as to keep this bibliography up to date.

We would highly appreciate your support by helping us to realise this project. Still, there are issues accessing and particulary verifying articles having been published in periodicals, which can not be researched by author or title keywords. We would like to recieve additions and references. Please send them to redaktion@thuenen.de