On september the 23th in 2000, celebrating von Thuenens 150. annual, the Thuenenfoundation had been established. It was approved on december the 7th in 2001 by the ministry of the interior on the basis of the law of foundations or the federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


The Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and spreading of the vast academic and humanistic legacy of von Thuenen. Our early phase of developing requires us to create partnerships with sponsors to preserve the existence of the museum as the origin of von Thuenens legacy. After completing this essential step, we will gradually focus on fulfilling our essential duties.

Due to the permanent decline of state fundings it is getting increasingly difficult to keep the museum as memorial alive. Hence, especially the academic and artistic work suffers a lot, because other than having an idealistic support from the Thuenensociety, a save financial basis is crucially needed.

If you decide that the legacy of von Thuenen is valuable and needs to be preserved, please support us. We are looking for partners willing to sustain von Thuenens legacy as a pioneer of economy and environmentalism at its point of origin - a heritage protected manor - and to preserve it.